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Live Review : A Pale Horse Named Death + OHHMS + Petrichor + MAIRU @ Phase One, Liverpool on November 4th 2019

A month on from my nu-metal euphoria I have returned in all my chubby glory to review A Pale Horse Named Death. Again. I for one could not be happier.

My ability to attend gigs has decreased rapidly in recent months so I am absolutely determined to savour every moment of tonights doom-laden sorrowfest.

I rock up to the club like “What up, I've got social anxiety and I want to go home”... nah, but I am late from work and I was making my journey on public transport. So inevitably I miss a bit of MAIRU.

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Live Review : Revival Black (Album Launch) + Novacrow + Dead Rebel + King Voodoo @ The Zanzibar in Liverpool on October 5th 2019

Liverpool. To quote a member of tonight’s headline band “it’s an odd place to gig. Everyone is IN a band so nobody wants to go and SEE a band”. Yep, not tonight though as the sold-out Zanzibar club can attest. So we walk into the dark, red-lit, womb-like space not really knowing what to expect in terms of show or crowd. But hey ho, the drinks are cheap, the toilets are nice and there’s a comfy chair for the Grumpy One; there may even be cake later. Let’s go.

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Live Review : The Wildhearts + The Lazys + Last Great Dreamers @ Liverpool Grand Central on July 18th 2019

A night out in Liverpool is quite a rare thing for me, and with two of my favourite bands on the bill plus another that I’d heard good things about I was looking forward to a good night, tonight.

With 3 bands to get through, Last Great Dreamers hit the stage early, and the room was a little more empty than I think they deserved. They powered through a short but wonderful 8-song set of their power-pop-tastic songs, starting with ‘Primitive Man’ from their most recent album “13th Floor Renegades” and ending with ‘Oblivion Kids’ from the previous one “Transmissions From Oblivion”.

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Live Review : The Infernal Sea + Necronautical + Burial + Ba'al @ The Outpost, Liverpool on July 11th 2019

I know Black Metal has an obsession with Satan and his dominion, but the authenticism seems to have been taken to another level tonight as the Outpost is so hot that you truly feel like you are in the very bowls of hell. This evening the smoking area has become a place of sanctuary where heat exhausted revellers go for air, before diving back into the all-consuming unbearable cauldron of undiluted heat that is the performance area. 

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Live Review : Hollywood Undead + Loathe @ Mountford Hall, Liverpool on April 27th 2019

A wise person once said ‘be careful what you wish for, it might come true”, so after insinuating that the overlords at ROCKFLESH towers should consider broadening the remit of the assignments they send me on, here I am well out of my comfort zone both geographically and genrely. You see Nu-metal/rap metal (call it what you want) is just not my thing, it emerged at the point where Metal and I were on a break and I was busy seeing others genres and its appeal has ever since failed to land with me especially with my love of death growls and scuzzy doomy riffs. To top it all I’ve crossed the border and am in Liverpool, which as a life-long Manchester City fan feels a rather uncomfortable place to be at present!

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Live Review : Stone Broken + Those Damn Crows + Hollowstar @ the Arts Club, Liverpool on February 20th 2019

A quick glance at the ‘Fans also like’ on Spotify for any of tonight’s three bands tells you how coherent a line-up this is. Yes, you guessed it, they all feature in each other’s lists. Other bands that they supposedly share common ground with are, according to the algorithm-loving app, Mason Hill, Massive Wagons and Wayward Sons. But to be honest these three bands have very different sounds and potential paths, even if they all have classic rock at their core.

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Live Review : Orange Goblin + PIST + Video Nasties @ Academy 2, Liverpool on February 9th 2019

It’s been a very long time since we had a gig in the Liverpool Academy 2 and thus take as much time organising our entrance as we would for a gig in Manchester.  It’s this size of gig that is particularly fascinating.  Smaller more visceral bands with a more engaged audience are a ROCKFLESH favourite, although the room to photograph get increasingly silly as the room decreases. I’m now onto sickness number three for the month and starting to feel quite Dickensian. 

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Live Review : Skindred + Sonic Boom Six + Scare Tactics @ O2 Academy, Liverpool on December 15th 2018

Why is everyone at Def Leppard tonight? Don’t they know the real party is on Hotham Street? Newport “Ragga Metal" pioneers Skindred are back with their “That's My Jam" tour, and I’m ever in the mood for the kind of fun packed shenanigans that the band routinely bring to their live shows. I flew out the house without my bank card and my train home has been cancelled, but even that doesn’t dampen my spirit. I might just have to walk 17 miles home, that’s all.

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Live Review : Def Leppard + Cheap Trick @ Echo Arena, Liverpool on December 15th 2018

I may spend approximately eighty percent of my time listening to obscure extreme metal (according to Spotify) but I absolutely adore Cheap Trick. They are the sonic equivalent of devouring all of a king-size packet of Haribo by yourself; decedent, indulgent, sickly sweet and so so wrong but god oh so enjoyable.

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Live Review : The Dead Daisies + Massive Wagons @ O2 Academy, Liverpool on November 13th 2018

One of the most startling developments of the last few years has been the re-emergence of heavy, bluesy rock as a dominant force in our musical world. Classic (or you can call it hard, heavy, bluesy or commercial it really doesn’t matter) rock was seemingly dead and buried ten years ago or at least only worth a dollop of tongue in cheek irony (The Darkness, I’m looking at you). But now there is a virtual Smorgasbord of young whipper-snappers playing the type of infectious guitar-driven danceable rock that was last in vogue before any of them were glints in the soundman’s eye.

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Live Review : Of Mice & Men + Loathe + SHVPES @ O2 Academy, Liverpool on November 13th 2018

There's a wintery chill in the air as I make my way to the legendary venue that is O2 Academy. I've got some stories about this place... but I’m not here to reminisce. I’m here tonight to review what promised to be a “wild" night. 

Maybe it’s traditional to review things in the order they happened.

I’m not a traditional person.

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Live Review : Jaret Reddick + The Dollyrots + Lacey @ The Arts Club, Liverpool on September 16th 2018

Finally reaching the third installment of live music this week, I head tonight to the Arts Club in Liverpool City Centre. I had been there recently, attending the Russian World Cup troublemakers Pussy Riot. But this evening the performance is set in the smaller and more intimate room up the stairs; Jaret Reddick’s 5 U.K. shows Heartache & Hilarity tour or in other words '‘songs on acoustic and a few stories in between’.

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Live Review : SikTh + Loathe + Lotus Eater + Vulture Cult + Our Divinity @ Hangar 34 in Liverpool on September 15th 2018

It’s the second part of a trilogy of live rock viewings this weekend and tonight I am heading to Hangar 34 in Liverpool for the djent founding father SikTh. Situated in the middle of the rejuvenated Baltic Triangle, the venue lends itself well to the dance scene happening most weekends. Now that our familiar rock venue, the Krazyhouse has closed its doors and is unlikely to be developed into a new rock club, Hangar 34 have recently taken up the mantle by picking up the occasional metal gigs here in scouse land.

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Live Review : Ryders Creed + Lost Sovereign + Savage Outlaw @ EBGBS, Liverpool on August 10th 2018

So with jaunty anticipation, I bounded into Johann’s car knowing only one thing, tonight’s gig is in The ‘Pool'.  Normally we find ourselves hurtling against time to get to Manchester, not tonight.  A quick stroll of the Audi’s ever aging frame and we are in the city.  Heebie Jeebies has seen a few radical transformations.  The early nineties saw it as a Jazz bar, replete with stoned philosophy students and blues clarinet players.  As the city’s nightlife boomed into the early 2000’s it became another student gaff with no discernible musical direction.  So it is with tremendous relief that we come to see EBGBs has transformed into a rock and metal bar.  The upper, main bar is decorated sparcely in the saloon style.  While beneath the street lurks a brick bare cavern.  It’s a fantastic venue for live music that could easily measure up to Rebellion given time. The show started at 7:30.

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Live Review : King King + Steve Hill @ Epstein Theatre, Liverpool on May 10th 2018.

Late, early, on time! Not usually an issue for press given that access is given by the bands/promoter.  Not so tonight though.  We were told 19:30 doors, support starts at 20:00.  Steve Hill was well under way when we arrived at 19:45.  The Epstein Theatre is a weird and magical auditorium, a venue designed for dance, plays and Vaudeville.  The stage is deep and wide, it lends itself to that very specific kind of stage ownership you don’t see often enough. 

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Live Review : Skid Row + Toseland Bad Touch @ Hangar 34, Liverpool on March 16th 2018.

Bad Touch, the Norwich born rockers clad in paisley shirts and leather waistcoats, swagger comfortably between that very British brand of classic rock and country blues.  They have previously toured with the likes of The Quireboys and Tyketto.  Bad Touch are a rockier outfit than either of these bands and it is no surprise to learn that they have undertaken their own tours on the back of their 2015 release Half Way Home.

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Live : Twisted Illusion @ Zanzibar, Liverpool on February 15th 2018

While currently recording their 3rd album, the Manchester based progrock band, Twisted Illusion find the time to perform over the UK in support of last year's double album "Insight To The Mind Of A Million Faces".

With the support of Liverpool's classic Metallers Midnight Prophecy and Manchester's Voodoo Blood, this gig could only be a gem of an evening.

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