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Live Review : Crobot + Wolf Jaw + Blind Haze + Electric Rebels @ Rebellion, Manchester on July 23rd 2019

Today has been an absolute scorcher. I'm sure half my face is now melting in my cleavage as I battle through the heat and humidity to make my interview slots with Crobot and Wolf Jaw. Being a fat bird in this weather is never fun.

At least Rebellion is surprisingly cool tonight. I'm grateful for the colder air as the evenings festivities kick off.

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Live Review :Mushroomhead + Waltari + Familiar Spirit @ Gorilla, Manchester on July 17th 2019


I feel like I need to apologise for this review before I have got started. It's probably going to be a bit vague in places...  

Things have been a little bit hideous of late, and I needed to let my pink hair down. And let it down I did! My life was ruined for a full 24 hours after the gig finished, but I needed it and the spectacular Mushroomhead delivered me an escape from the stresses of my life at present. Also, they had water drums which has to count for something.

I like Gorilla for gigs, there's something cosy about it, so I'm intrigued as to how all 8 of Mushroomhead will fit on that small stage later on.

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Live Review : Brujeria + Venomous Concept + Aggression + Sangre @ Rebellion, Manchester on May 21st 2019

The course of true love never does run smoothly does it?

Metal has been my long time lover, and I find myself putting myself in more and more weird situations in the quest to prove myself worthy in its eyes.

Today it was “Do you want to interview and review Mexican extreme metallers Brujeria and Canadian underground thrashers Aggression?”

Erm... let me think...

Fuck yes of course I want to do that.

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Live Review : Frog Leap @ Rebellion, Manchester on April 17th 2019

I feel like I live in Rebellion.

I genuinely thought I wouldn't make it to Manchester tonight. As someone who is all about the fun side of metal, Frog Leap have been on my list for a little while. And why not? Leo Moracchioli is famed for his interesting take on pop music and someone I admire hugely, having had my own musical act a number of years ago where I exclusively covered metal and grunge on a piano (think a less talented Tori Amos and you're bang on the money). The creativity needed to envision a popular song in an entirely different genre is nothing short of genius, and I was keen to witness his appearance in Manchester tonight.

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Live Review : Emmure + Rise Of The North Star + Obey The Brave + Fit For A King + Alpha Wolf @ Rebellion, Manchester on April 9th 2019

When Alpha Wolf are the openers, you know this is going to be a seriously heavy night. 30 seconds in on the front row and I've just been caught by an ill timed spin kick and quite frankly my drink deserves better.

Tonight’s queue was snaking around the side of the venue when I arrived and I felt like the oldest person ever. I mean, I still feel like I am in my early 20s, but my eyes are starting to betray me. Also my back hurts. My knees aren't great. I can't eat pastry anymore. I've got a lot of grey. And so on.

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Live Review : Carcer City + Last Hounds + The Human Veil @ Satan's Hollow, Manchester on April 5th 2019

My experiences at Satans Hollow have always been hit and miss. The venue is one of the best themed night clubs I've ever been in, but gigs here have always been a strange affair on a personal note. The stage is circular in the centre of the room, beneath a vast array of twinkling fairy lights (think Joyce Byers trying to contact the Upside Down). Visually it's stunning. In the past though, I've seen bands here with sound  that... well... sucked.

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Live Review : A Pale Horse Named Death + Transport League @ Rebellion, Manchester on March 23rd 2019

What better way to spend a Saturday night than with Brooklyn based Lords of Doom A Pale Horse Named Death?  When APHND first arrived on the scene in 2011 with their debut album “And Hell Will Follow Me”, they were touted as an absolute must listen for fans of Type O Negative.  Now 8 years on, they are riding the waves of adoration in the wake of the release of their third album “When The World Becomes Undone”, a deliciously gloomy journey laced with melancholy.

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Live Review : Deified + Impavidus @ Tank, St Helen on February 22nd 2019

I'm here hideously early. The doors are locked, the blinds still down, and the local youth have pointed out how ugly/fat/goth I am. Wonderful.

No fear though. Tank is on a street with several other drinking establishments and I while away the next 30 minutes on the diet coke and vodka, until it looks like I can head in.

I'm immediately thrown by the tiny space and lack of band but the barman is wearing a Deified t-shirt and another lady assures me I'm in the right spot.

“We've got over 100 people coming, so we've moved outside" guitarist Alistair lets me know whilst leading me through to the equally cosy beer garden, where the bands are setting up and sound checking.

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Live Review : Buckcherry + Hoobastank + Adelitas Way @ O2 Ritz, Manchester on February 5th 2019

I may (or may not) have overdone it on the gigs the last few weeks, but it's all been completely worth it. Or so I think. I'm early to the venue and actually kind of queasy whilst I chat with co-headliners Hoobastank (full interview to follow). It dawns on me that I'm run down, juggling work, family and charity commitments. The lethargy has cloaked me by the time openers Adelitas Way take to the stage. My head hurts.

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Live Review : SHVPES + The Five Hundred + Death Blooms @ Star And Garter, Manchester on February 2nd 2019

The Star and Garter is one of the true diamonds when it comes to Manchester music venues. It’s a Grade II listed building that oozes the kind of warmth and charm that can't be bought. I'm sat on a long row of seats where the cushion has worn down to nothing and there's burn marks here and there, a reminder of the days you could have a cigarette with your pint (I’m just about old enough to remember smoking in pubs and clubs, having clocked up 3 or 4 years of drinking underage). Tonight we're here for SHVPES, the band I spent November raving about.

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Live Review : The Last Ten Seconds Of Life + Lotus Eater + Gassed Up + Bleach + Cut Short @ Night People, Manchester on January 29th 2019

Everybody in the world went to Parkway Drive. And why not? They are a titan in their field. But the sound check from Lotus Eater alone has burst my ear drums and I am confident I made the right decision coming here at Night People, instead. Maybe I need ear plugs if I am going to insist on standing so close to the bands which I am because I am well known for being an absolute fucking moron.

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