9. Swallow The Sun

Swallow The Sun

This year’s “When a Shadow Is Forced into the Light” is an astonishingly raw and personnel record. It deals directly with lost and heartbreak and describes in intricate detail the different emotions that guitarist Juha Raivio's went through on losing his partner, the singer Aleah Stanbridge, to cancer. If you ever need to prove to anyone that Heavy Metal can be rich, tender, emotional and full of pathos then this is the album for you. The album is confessional and natural. It describes how harrowing and debilitating grief can be. But also it offers hope, that life goes on. Whilst fractured hearts will never heal, it shows that they do still function. Music has been a huge crutch for Juha in terms of dealing with this crushing life change and all the way through he has continued playing and performing. The show at Bloodstock will not be a wake. It will be a celebration of the beauty and brief nature of life. Come join us as it will be emotional with Swallow The Sun.

By Stewart Lucas