8. Raging Speedhorn

Raging Speedhorn.jpg

Ever since they dropped initial singles ‘Thumper’ and ‘The Gush’ in the early noughties, I’ve been a massive Raging Speedhorn fan. On record they pound and drive their way through riff-laden groove metal like a juggernaut. But it’s live that they have always truly come to life; bludgeoning and sledgehammering straight to the skull with sludgy, heavy guitar melodies and ferocious, eye-ball popping dual vocals. Even if I don’t listen to them for a good few months before a gig, as soon as one of their riffs kicks in and the vocals start hollering at me I’m back in my happy place. For me, this will be the first time I’ve seen them with the new guitar line-up and as with any Speedhorn gig I can’t wait.

By Matt Fraser