10. Dimmu Borgir


True Norwegian Black Metal does not get more theatrical and symphonic than Shagrath and his compatriots. This is big, bold and just so over the top. They have breathed life, vim, vigour and high camp into a musical form that used to be dense and insular. There is nothing tight nor claustrophobic here. Every is larger than life and filled with sweeping orchestration. If you thought Black Metal was evil and impenetrable then Dimmu Borgir will challenge every misconception that you had about this genre. You will be swept up in their bombastic and choral offerings and will revile in the melodic depths that they plunge. You see, don’t be put off by the corpse paint. This is entertainment 101 and Dimmu Borgir will be the most entertaining band you will see all weekend. You have my word on that.

By Stewart Lucas