3. Sabaton


Sabaton are probably the most deserving headliner Bloodstock have ever had. They have earned their spot by hard work alone, as over a decade they have slowly but surely made their way up the bill. Ten years ago, in 2009, they were second band on, in 2013 they were a highly entertaining third from top and in 2015 as special guests they literally blew headliner Trivium away. I say literally as they brought a ruddy tank with them.

Now in 2019, they have made it and they are the headliners. They are here because, as cheesy and preposterous their material is (and believe me this is as camp as a jamboree of scouts), they have over the years become a remarkably good live proposition. Actually, remarkably good is under egging the pudding, they are probably one of the best live acts, Metal currently has to offer.

What we will get on Friday is a show in the tradition of Iron Maiden, KISS and Ozzy before them. There will be huge choruses, pyro and enough cheese to top a thousand pizzas. This will be the moment that Sabaton’s tireless striving pays off as they officially become a big fucking deal. So come sing, come laugh and come revel in one of Metal's greatest success stories. It's going to be awesome.

By Stewart Lucas