4. Dee Snider


Very few artists have managed to go from young buck to elder statesmen with the good grace, good humour and integrity that Dee snider. Like a true renaissance man he has tried his hand at everything. Broadway, check! Christmas album, check! Reality TV, check! And now full throat Heavy Metal. You see, the late lamented Twisted Sister were never Metal. They were heavy and obnoxious but they were always based more in glam rock fraternity than the full on Metal camp. However, twelve months ago (a full two years on from the Sister's final hurrah ) egged on by Hatebreed's Jaz, Mr Snider took the plunge and produced a no holds bar, full throttle heavy metal record. And you now what? For the love of Metal is excellent. It's crunchy, groovy and far far better than the cheap camp cash in it could have been.

And now three years from Twisted Sister stunning final stand at Bloodstock'16 (see my top ten Bloodstock performances for my glowing testimonial) Dee returns to bring his take on the Metal and probably a handful of Sister numbers. He will be loud, he will be flamboyant and he will have the place eating out of his hand. Sick motha fuckers, its gong to be a blast!

By Stewart Lucas