2. Scorpions

Scorpions at Bloodstock

A world wide mega hit can be as much a curse as it is a blessing (just ask Europe). This is especially so when it occurs twenty five years into a rich and diverse carrier. ‘Winds of Change’ may have made a household name out of Scorpions, but it unfairly casts a looming shadow over fifty five years of tireless rocking. It's also (Winds of Change) dull and, to be brutally honest, a bit shit. The rest of Scorpions plentiful and overflowing song book is neither of those things. In fact, they are the classic rock band you never knew was missing from your life.

On Sunday night, they will bring Bloodstock to a close with a masterclass in slick, song driven arena rock. Yes, they will play that bloody song, but we will also get ‘Blackout, ‘Big City Nights’, ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’, ‘Bad Boys Running Wild’, ‘The Zoo’ and a zillion other nuggets of rock n’ roll goodness. It will be utterly magnificent, as they are Scorpions. Germany's gift to rock n'roll. Enjoy!