19. Incite


Fifteen years together as a band might drive some mad, but what it’s instead done for Incite is ensure that their relevance has transcended sub-genres, fads and time-dependent appeal. They’ve somehow remained as close to the term ‘Modern Metal’ as most get, and continue to delight both new and old metallers alike, irrelevant of what line-up they find themselves on.

Holding true to their musical roots and values, I’d put these gents alongside Lamb of God and Sepultura in style and approach. Having released a fifth album “Built to Destroy” earlier this year, it doesn’t seem that they intend on slowing down any time soon, and if anything, I’d say they are as brutal and unrelenting as ever. They’re a good example of a Bloodstock band, in that they’re legends but only to those in-the-know. Make sure you grab your spot at the main stage for them.

By Matt Fraser