18. Rotting Christ


The Thursday night headliner used to be some tin pot no name act that the organisers paid in beer. However, over the last few years, they have become more ambitious and the Thursday line up has become an integral part of the whole weekend. This year, they have surpassed themselves with Greek Black Metal overlords Rotting Christ. This is no filler outfit designed to keep us busy while they hide the campsite bins, Rotting Christ are bona fide legends who would easily score a high placed main stage slot.

Over the last twenty two years, they have played a pivotal role in shaping modern Black Metal. They have not been content to adhere to a set model or structure, instead have strived to see how far they can stretch the prescribed blueprint. 2016's quite stunning “Rituals” saw them add ritualistic rythmic chanting to the pallet, bring a whole new dimension to Black Metal. This year's “The Heretics” saw them move into Bethemoth territory, creating cinematic, wide screen music that drips with sadistic intent. They have sculptured the soundtrack to an unmade blockbustering horror movie. The evil unsettling underbelly is still here but it is now packaged on a massive multi coloured canvas. The tent will be packed as this will be immense. Get there early and by early I mean when the gates open.

By Stewart Lucas