20. TesseracT


They are techy. They are proggy. They are djenty. And they are on the main stage!!! The UK’s very own TesseracT are getting ready to storm Bloodstock on the Friday!!!

One of my festival top picks goes to this band simply because they are amazing at what they do. Their music is intelligent and powerful, with front man Daniel Tompkins vocals giving a haunting edge to the performance. Last years “Sonder” was a magnificent offering from the band, and we can expect an equally epic set at BOA.

It's been a slow climb up the ranks for TesseracT, it's taken them many years to reach the heights they are at now, and I am delighted to see them be offered such a good slot on the main stage. Now will they win over the masses the same way they won over me? Can't wait to find out.

By Sarah Cummings