7. Anthrax


Bloodstock used to be a bit of a cult concern. Its niche was European Metal bands that never usually never came to the UK. However around seven pm on August 10th 2012 that all changed and Bloodstock announced itself as a mainstream event. This was the moment that they announced Anthrax as a special guest for the next year’s festival. Not headliner, but special guest. Bloodstock through down the gauntlet and declared that not only could they book Heavy Metal royalty, but did not even have to be the headliners. This year is Anthrax’s third stint in that special guest slot and they have become the ultimate early evening communal bounding moment. Yes you know what you are going to get but if screaming along to ‘Indians with 20,000 other fuckers who also know the words doesn’t excite the fuck out of you, then frankly your dead to me, my friend.

By Stewart Lucas