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Live Review : Damnation @ Leeds University Union on November 2nd 2019

John Peel used to describe The Fall as always different, always the same. I'm going to appropriate the phrase to illustrate how I feel about Damnation Festival. There is a wonderful familiarity about the place. After seven years, Leeds University Union feels like a home from home and every nock and cranny is filled with memories. As I enter, it does feel like only yesterday that I was last stood in its four venues. But Damnation does not rest on its laurels, every year it produces a new treasure trove of delicacies and oddities. Every year has it's own distinct unique feel, shaped by the exquisitely curated bill.

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Live Review : The Infernal Sea + Necronautical + Burial + Ba'al @ The Outpost, Liverpool on July 11th 2019

I know Black Metal has an obsession with Satan and his dominion, but the authenticism seems to have been taken to another level tonight as the Outpost is so hot that you truly feel like you are in the very bowls of hell. This evening the smoking area has become a place of sanctuary where heat exhausted revellers go for air, before diving back into the all-consuming unbearable cauldron of undiluted heat that is the performance area. 

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