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Live Review : Carcer City + Last Hounds + The Human Veil @ Satan's Hollow, Manchester on April 5th 2019

My experiences at Satans Hollow have always been hit and miss. The venue is one of the best themed night clubs I've ever been in, but gigs here have always been a strange affair on a personal note. The stage is circular in the centre of the room, beneath a vast array of twinkling fairy lights (think Joyce Byers trying to contact the Upside Down). Visually it's stunning. In the past though, I've seen bands here with sound  that... well... sucked.

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Live Review : Shining + Alithia + Countless Skies + Saurr @ Satan's Hollow, Manchester on November 4th 2018

It’s been that long since I jumped in the Johann’s Crimson, German death wagon that I have changed career paths, got past a serious medical scare (not mine) and watched Johann jet-set about Europe.  Going to a unvisited venue is always exciting.  Aside form the new things too write about each venue has its own character.  Satan’s Hollow is off the beaten track a little, situated in the back roads between Oxford road and Piccadilly it sits askew to its corporate surroundings.  A large, dark, heavy gate greets the visitor, a portent of things inside?  We traverse the usual entry problems, god help us if Johann forgets his phone.  Once inside we can see an unusual layout.  It’s a small venue, 500 people would see this uncomfortable. The stage is a small penned garden of metal right in the centre of the oddly shaped room. Shining have wrapped a large banner around one side of the pen creating a temporary backdrop to the normally circular stage.  The room is intimate but has space for two separate bars.  

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Live : Lagerstein + Red Rum @ Satan's Hollow, Manchester on September 23rd 2018.

I had to start to start someday so why not today. After having photographed many bands over the last couple of years, I have never really put pen to paper except on rare occasions when I think I know what I am talking about. Now is the time, the first time.

The festivals season is over and done, the students are back to what they do best (drinking) and bands are once again touring our local clubs. The australians Lagerstein are currently visiting the UK on their Young, Dumb & Full of Rum Tour and last night were in Manchester Satan's Hollow supported by Nottigham's Red Rum.

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