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Rockwich @ Witton Albion FC, Northwich on August 24-25th 2019

Rockwich Saturday is a bit of a strange beast. Technically Rockwich was (is?) a one-day festival, The first one was part of a town-wide initiative and was intended to be very much a one-off event. But organisers Promethius Promotions had other ideas and having secured themselves a venue they set about organising a few years of what have turned into killer line-ups. This meant that, as word got around, people from far afield wanted to travel to attend, so to ease their travelling woes the campsite was opened on a Saturday evening and it kind of grew from there. This year they have moved to a new, better venue with much better facilities and more space for camping so once the local football team have trounced their opposition and gone home we start to get pitched up and begin the rock takeover.

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Year in Review by Paul Flett

Our life, like the universe, is largely made up of dark matter punctuated by the occasional bright spot.  As we stare into the unnatural canvas of brake lights and computer screens, sat in our prescribed clothing trying to remain within prescribed behaviours, is it any wonder how close our demons lurk beneath this veneer?  Something as simple as the organised vibration of air particles is enough to lure the beasts from all of us, unleashed and unburdened, a second state of you, fist in the air. Screaming “It has to start somewhere It has to start sometime, what better place than here, what better time than now? All hell can't stop us now”.

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Live Review : Ryders Creed + Lost Sovereign + Savage Outlaw @ EBGBS, Liverpool on August 10th 2018

So with jaunty anticipation, I bounded into Johann’s car knowing only one thing, tonight’s gig is in The ‘Pool'.  Normally we find ourselves hurtling against time to get to Manchester, not tonight.  A quick stroll of the Audi’s ever aging frame and we are in the city.  Heebie Jeebies has seen a few radical transformations.  The early nineties saw it as a Jazz bar, replete with stoned philosophy students and blues clarinet players.  As the city’s nightlife boomed into the early 2000’s it became another student gaff with no discernible musical direction.  So it is with tremendous relief that we come to see EBGBs has transformed into a rock and metal bar.  The upper, main bar is decorated sparcely in the saloon style.  While beneath the street lurks a brick bare cavern.  It’s a fantastic venue for live music that could easily measure up to Rebellion given time. The show started at 7:30.

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