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Live Review : Frog Leap @ Rebellion, Manchester on April 17th 2019

I feel like I live in Rebellion.

I genuinely thought I wouldn't make it to Manchester tonight. As someone who is all about the fun side of metal, Frog Leap have been on my list for a little while. And why not? Leo Moracchioli is famed for his interesting take on pop music and someone I admire hugely, having had my own musical act a number of years ago where I exclusively covered metal and grunge on a piano (think a less talented Tori Amos and you're bang on the money). The creativity needed to envision a popular song in an entirely different genre is nothing short of genius, and I was keen to witness his appearance in Manchester tonight.

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Live Review : A Pale Horse Named Death + Transport League @ Rebellion, Manchester on March 23rd 2019

What better way to spend a Saturday night than with Brooklyn based Lords of Doom A Pale Horse Named Death?  When APHND first arrived on the scene in 2011 with their debut album “And Hell Will Follow Me”, they were touted as an absolute must listen for fans of Type O Negative.  Now 8 years on, they are riding the waves of adoration in the wake of the release of their third album “When The World Becomes Undone”, a deliciously gloomy journey laced with melancholy.

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Live Review : Doro + No Sleep For Lucy @ Rebellion in Manchester on March 12th 2019

Tonight’s support were a bit of an odd choice considering Doro is the Queen Of Metal. No Sleep For Lucy are Swedish, and their style started off as a sort of mish-mash of indiepop and 90’s emo. I’d just written in my notes that they had a bit of a sound of U2 when sure enough they went into a cover of ‘Pride (In The Name Of Love)’.

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