Live Review : The Last Ten Seconds Of Life + Lotus Eater + Gassed Up + Bleach + Cut Short @ Night People, Manchester on January 29th 2019

Everybody in the world went to Parkway Drive. And why not? They are a titan in their field. But the sound check from Lotus Eater alone has burst my ear drums and I am confident I made the right decision coming here at Night People, instead. Maybe I need ear plugs if I am going to insist on standing so close to the bands which I am because I am well known for being an absolute fucking moron.

I've braved the elements to spend the evening in Night People on Princess Street in Manchester. This is the kind of venue I adore, where the threat of death after plummeting down the steps into the basement is very real after a few too many pints. It's intimate, with only a flimsy barrier to hold back the crowd from the tiny stage. There's no natural light, and pints are under a fiver. It's already shaping up to be a good night.

First up tonight are Cut Short from Liverpool. Although impressed by the rawness of their sound, there was something just ever so slightly unnatural about the performance that I couldn't put my finger on. A quick chat with the band later on and I discover that their usual vocalist was playing the guitar tonight after their previous guitarist left and they had borrowed a frontman from Mortal Shift to fill in. All things considered, Cut Short have displayed incredible resilience where lesser bands might have crumbled. Cut Short place emphasis on clean melodic vocals that counter with crushing heavy guitar riffs. I hope their search for a new guitarist goes smoothly, as they definitely show a lot of promise for an upcoming young band.

Where Cut Short exhibited a youthful untamed talent, Bleach have a more well crafted hardcore that instantly gets half the room moshing just a few bars in. The only real issue I have with gigs like this/bands like this is the songs tend to be over and done far too soon, and Bleach are on and off in seemingly no time at all. Thoroughly enjoyable, if not a bit frantic at times.

Next up is Gassed Up from Preston, who have an interesting spin on their metal. If grime was heavy, you would get Gassed Up. The vocals are cleaner than the previous two bands which makes the band easier to connect with, and the music is more tuneful, as front man Dan Crossley delivers a faultless performance from the mosh pit. It’s hard not to like their infectious energy. And they have some awesome merchandise on sale (“adigas” anyone???). Only downside to Gassed Up…? Being punched in the ovary by an over enthusiastic 19 year old.

The act I was most excited for tonight were Lotus Eater. Offering a Tech Metal/Djent type sound, the band hail from Glasgow and they have brought with them a hefty dose of bitterness and rage. With an eerie green glow on the stage, the venue is sudden a lot more packed than it has been all night. Every drum beat resonates through me, the instruments sounding like they are being attacked rather than played. Lotus Eater offer a set with such a great intensity that I leave to get some air after I’ve heard ‘Gloom’. Unbelievably good.

Finally, The Last Ten Seconds of Life take the stage and I hate to say it, the crowd diminishes rapidly along with my will to dance. I’ve danced like a moron all night. I’ve taken kicks and digs and trips and spills all night. I slump at the bar in defeat and observe the carnage. The crowd that remains is going nuts. The band brought their own brand of East Coast Deathcore to the city, and I feel a bit guilty that more people aren’t here to watch what is a truly fine performance, from a band that obviously have put in the years of blood, sweat and tears needed to succeed as a Metal band.  

But after all, everybody in the world is at Parkway Drive…

Words by Sarah Cummings
Photography by Samantha Guess