Live Review : Deified + Impavidus @ Tank, St Helen on February 22nd 2019

I'm here hideously early. The doors are locked, the blinds still down, and the local youth have pointed out how ugly/fat/goth I am. Wonderful.

No fear though. Tank is on a street with several other drinking establishments and I while away the next 30 minutes on the diet coke and vodka, until it looks like I can head in.

I'm immediately thrown by the tiny space and lack of band but the barman is wearing a Deified t-shirt and another lady assures me I'm in the right spot.

“We've got over 100 people coming, so we've moved outside" guitarist Alistair lets me know whilst leading me through to the equally cosy beer garden, where the bands are setting up and sound checking.

I’m won over by the charm that is seeping through the speakers in the form of The Smashing Pumpkins and SOAD; the venue is dimly illuminated by fairy lights, and the vodka that doesn’t cost an absolute fortune. This is a good start.

Deified are something of local heroes for myself and my friends, having graced us with their metal AF presence on a number of occasions in my home town of Sunny Runcorn. They are obviously well loved here in St. Helens too, as the 100 people they expected slowly start to fill the space outdoors. I’m feeling sympathy for my friend in fishnets. That would have been me 3 stone ago, shivering in the chill of a February night, but I’m now all about the leggings. I’m a serious journalist. I have had 4 vodkas.

The gig is delayed by 20 minutes or so for reasons unknown, but Deified finally take the stage… erm… courtyard and open with ‘Verger’, from last year’s Inhuman Manifesto EP. There’s a likeable chaos to the whole event, as the band move through their set to ‘Hellion’ and my personal favourite ‘Shitwreck’.

Stand out moments of the set include ‘Dead Inside’, a song that catches my ear with its groove metal vibes, and an unexpected cover of ‘Suite-Pee. There is something incredibly likeable about Deified but I’ve always struggled to put them in one category only, as there are many influences in play in their music.

By the time the set ends, the crowd are on a new level of rowdiness in readiness for Impavidus from Manchester.

I have a billion apologies to make – I missed their set! Due to logistical issues, money trouble, mummy stuff, I had to leave after Deified. I’m absolutely certain their set was fire though, and I will make sure I get myself to the next local Impavidus gig so I can write a loving fan girly review for them next time.

Tank in St Helens is a venue I would happily return to in a heartbeat, it was charming and warm (despite it being cold outside). It gave me vibes of the Sanctuary in Burnley and Alchemy in Runcorn. I’ve always loved smaller unique venues, and feel they play a vital role in keeping the rock scene alive outside of the main cities.

Deified have up and coming dates at the Star and Garter in Manchester with Krysthla, This Is Turin and the excellent Clashmute (who have recently won their Metal 2 The Masses heat), Alchemy in Runcorn with Stoneblood and The Scott Beveridge Project for Rock Out For Ray, and The Sal in Nottingham for MotorNeuroneHead 2.

Impavidus will be supporting Countless Skies in April, though I am hoping they have something a little bit closer than Plymouth…


Words by Sarah Cummings
Photography by L. Bailey