Live Review : Crobot + Wolf Jaw + Blind Haze + Electric Rebels @ Rebellion, Manchester on July 23rd 2019

Today has been an absolute scorcher. I'm sure half my face is now melting in my cleavage as I battle through the heat and humidity to make my interview slots with Crobot and Wolf Jaw. Being a fat bird in this weather is never fun.

At least Rebellion is surprisingly cool tonight. I'm grateful for the colder air as the evenings festivities kick off.

Usually a solid fixture on Team Metal, I've ventured out of my comfort zone with tonight's bands being somewhat on the lighter side compared to what I pump into my ears on a daily basis. I am a professional though and willing to give it a go.*

I unfortunately miss a massive chunk of Electric Rebels as my feeble little voice recorder fights to record my Crobot interview over the sound of the hot and heavy rock and roll riffs pumping into the club below my feet.

Pushing that classic rock sound and channelling the old school AC/DC, what I do get to see of Electric Rebels delivers the perfect set to get things kicked off in style.

Next up is Blind Haze, a 3 piece from Leeds with a massive sound! Again, I get about 3 songs in total as I am interviewing Wolf Jaw at the same time. I’m in awe of the thickness and solidity of the instruments, whilst Conans vocals dominate the performance. It’s fun, it’s energetic, and well-polished rock and roll. I’m just gutted I didn’t get to enjoy more of it.

The heat outside still hasn’t let up by the time Wolf Jaw take the stage. Formerly known as The Bad Flowers, the trio have had quite the exciting year with their recent success at Download festival. With the air heavy and sticky, Wolf Jaw really command the attention of the audience and keep them hanging on their every riff.

Wolf Jaw seem to be moving away from their former selves with an array of heavier, more aggressive rock riffs. It will be interesting to see what the future brings for these three excellent musicians. New track  ‘Hear Me’  has a menacing edge and is hopefully a good indicator of the direction of the music in the future. 

Finally it’s time for the main event. Bursting on stage and almost larger than life itself, Pennsylvania’s Crobot quickly cement themselves as the band I never knew I needed in my life (last week it was Waltari. I’m easily lead).

The band bounce on stage to fan favourite ‘Legend of the Spaceborne Killer’, but use the set to play a good range of their material, including new tracks from “Motherbrain” (To be release on August 23rd 2019 through Mascot Records) ‘Burn’, ‘Alpha Dawg’ and ‘Keep Me Down’.

The various influences that flow through Crobot’s music have all meshed to make one completely delicious groove laden symphony. Each member has their own flair and style on stage, but it’s frontman Brandon who steals every moment with a seemingly effortless bravado.

I’m genuinely taken aback by the sheer power in Brandon’s voice. I keep thinking “Maybe he’s miming, nobody can sing that well…” It was faultless.

I have absolutely nothing to criticise here, it was a stunning performance. I definitely want to learn more about this band, and see them again the first opportunity I get (hint hint Crobot. Back to the UK soon my friends!?!)

I’m still Team Metal, always will be. But every now and then I’ll probably come and bat for Team Crobot.


Don’t tell the other Metal heads.


By Sarah Cummings

*Note - I'm not a professional. I'm a fucking idiot.