15. Soulfly


Picture the scene!

Tolmin, Slovenia. Metaldays. 2018.

Its been 28/29 degrees Celsius allllllll day.

I'm a bit fat and I'm dying in the heat. I've also been on my own with my 9 year old daughter, who has lost interest in the Metal festival because her favourite band played on the first day (the kids top picks are Alestorm, Ghost and Rammstein).

We're waiting for Soulfly when the child starts dry wretching. 

Funnily enough she's well enough for an icecream as we're leaving the arena and I'm missing the band. 

This is the personal reason why I am so keen to get my Soulfly fix at Bloodstock, but for those of you who do not care about the pitfalls of being a single mum and a metalhead, you need to see Soulfly purely because they deliver such a solid performance. Although they began in the nu-metal era, the music has long since evolved into something more groove, more thrash. Known for their tribal sound and lead by musical heavy weight Max Cavelera, Soulfly will provide perfect Friday afternoon mosh pits. Catch them on the main stage.

By Sarah Cummings