16. Cancer Bats


Almost 12 years ago, I first saw Cancer Bats start their journey when I was doing gig reviews in Leeds. I remember the fresh-faced lads striding onto stage and bludgeoning my ears with what I then described ‘the future of punk metal’. Fast forward to now and they’ve carved a very successful career and fanatically loyal fanbase. Plant yourself in the middle of the pit to the classic track ‘Hail Destroyer’ then see just how loud the fans sing along to the chorus and slam each other in frenzied joy. More importantly the band still sound as exciting and relevant as they did all those years ago. Rather than making me feel old, whenever I see them they make me feel as pumped-up as ever. Their fantastic mix of punk hardcore, groove & thrash metal, and driving sludge is a delight that I urge every last person to fully engulf themselves in this coming Bloodstock.

By Matt Fraser