13. Harbinger


One of the first bands on the Sophie Lancaster stage for Sunday are Londoners Harbinger. If you like your Metal heavy (and I mean HEAVY), fast and technical then this band are for you. They’ve toured with some of my favourite UK tech-metal bands including Heart of a Coward, Ingested, Loathe and Monuments, and have secured themselves as Tech-Fest favourites. Their press release states influences taken from Gojira, Decapitated, Malevolence and The Black Dahlia Murder, and fans of any of those bands should find something to please them here. Their mix of deathcore, melodeath and tech-metal is as brutal as you’d want for any time of the day – let alone first thing on a Sunday morning. Leave the Bloody Mary at the bar and blast away that hangover (which you’ll definitely have by now) with a slab of Harbinger.

By Matt Fraser