12. Evil Scarecrow

Evil Scarecrow

So, I’ll come clean now and admit that I’ve never seen Evil Scarecrow live, but with that in mind I’m definitely going to watch them at Bloodstock. Why is that, I hear you ask? Well, they seem to be very much a marmite band and I truly believe that with these kinds of things you should take the bold step and try the experience for yourself before making a judgement.

For their part, Evil Scarecrow are by all accounts a band that deliver very heavy tongue-in-cheek Metal that if you enjoy it you lap-up over and over again. We all know bands like Steel Panther who walk that tightrope between novelty fun and genuine musical authenticity, and Evil Scarecrow take a different element of Metal and do a similar thing. The Nottingham-based band have evolved through various line-up changes and have their product well-polished and perfected. I’m expecting a visual and aural treat, that at the very least will bring a smile to my face – bring forth Crabulon!

By Matt Fraser