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Live Review : The Body + Black To Comm @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester on July 23rd 2019

Somewhere in the outlying stretches of our world is a thin expense entitled alt-metal, experimental drone and Blackgaze. Its that forbidden zone where Metal and hipster collide. Tonight I stand on that exact apex as this may be classed as a metal gig, but the audience as one looks like they should be running organic beaver milk cafes in Shoreditch. It really is trendy à gogo; the beards are neatly trimmed, the beer extra hoppy and every t-shirt is of bands that you will never ever hear of. I miss Caina completely. Its too hot and I had a paddling pool to fill, so sue me. 

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Live Review : Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown + Sonia Leigh @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester on June 28th 2018.

Going to a gig while England is playing a soccer game in a World competition can only mean two things. First Paul will inform me at short notice of his unavailability to attend the gig for reporting duties, second, the M62 as well as Manchester could be part of the set for a new series of The Walking Dead, if it wasn't for the lack of tumbleweed.

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