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Live Review : Lord Of The Lost + Dead Film Star + Auger + Nature Of Wires @ the Ruby Lounge, Manchester on November 23rd 2018

Last week as I was running to Of Mice and Men, I commented on the wintery chill in the air. Well tonight as Johann and I descend on Manchester, we're stuck in tail backs, amongst a sea of Christmas lights. Winter is coming. If I was to be honest, the thought of my supremely un-goth Minnie Mouse onesie holds all the appeal. There's something about the rush hour traffic that winds me up.

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Live : Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown + Blackwater Conspiracy @ the Ruby Lounge, Manchester on December 4th 2017

I was informed that I might possibly get a photo pass for Marilyn Manson at the Manchester Apollo on December 4th. As I had no replies by Sunday afternoon with confirmation, I decided  to focus on plan B, just in case they may be other options in the area. To my surprise, I found out Tyler Bryant & and The Shakedown were at The Ruby Lounge on that same Monday night. I had previously checked them out earlier in the year and definitely settled on them as a viable option.

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