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Live Review : Gojira + Rolo Tomassi + Dead Label @ O2 Apollo, Manchester on July 1st 2019

I fell in love with Gojira back at Bloodstock 2010 and from the moment that I first clapped eyes on them I knew that they were doing something really rather special and that they should be huge, stadium huge. Nearly a decade later it feels that my premonition is finally becoming a reality. Tonight feels like the moment that they transcended into the big league and show that they are the ordained successor to Metallica’s crown. There was something so confident and so masterful about this evening’s performance, very much the hallmarks of a band completely in control of their own destiny. The Apollo is heaving, absolutely heaving and even though they were part of the same touring cycle, there is a clear difference between tonight and their 2017 Manchester Academy show. I had been worried that at the Academy that they were stalling, that the fevered audience reaction that I had expected for a band that had created one of the greatest Metal albums ever (“Magma”) was not materialising.

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Live Review : Parkway Drive + Killswitch Engage + Thy Art Is Murder @ O2 Apollo, Manchester on January 29th 2019

They breed their rock bands hard Down Under, I cannot name a single Aussie metal act who don't look like they could go six rounds with Antony Joshua and achieve the feat without spilling their pint. Thy Art is Murder mean business, they have under thirty minutes to make their mark but over six brutal heavy tracks, they chuck the gauntlet well and truly to the ground. Whilst Killswitch Engage and Parkway Drive have embraced the melody, this is pure unadulterated raw primal Death Metal and whilst it may be early, the pit opens accordingly.

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Live Review : Within Temptation @ O2 Apollo, Manchester on November 10th 2018

Let's get this out there first, during the entire gig the sound is utterly atrocious. It is far too quiet, the guitar and bass are lost in a muddy quagmire and the whole thing sounds like it is being relayed through a dodgy mono radio. I believe that protracted conversations at gigs should be defined as a criminal offence and with the sound so muffled and faint you can hear quite clearly every single conversation happening across the packed Apollo, most of them about why the sound is so dreadful.

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