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Live Review : 3TEETH + CREEPIING @ Rebellion, Manchester on May 11th 2018.

In a complete Juxtaposition to the previous evenings night of mellow blues, Rebellion in Manchester was serving metal on an industrial scale. The tight, noisy little venue is situated on a corner in the upmarket area that is Deansgate.  Nestled among trendy restaurants and wine bars, this is wonderfully grungy bar.  I like to think it reminds the normal that we are still here, angry, disturbed and wild. So it was great disappointment that the event kicked off behind schedule meaning we had to queue, outside, in the rain.  Thankfully before the rust set in on the less than industrious queue we where ushered inside.  A small dimly lit venue, I was immediately home.  I don’t like seated venues for music.  It steals the vigour and energy from a crowd.  Makes meek the heckler.  So tonight, was after two or three seated affairs, refreshing.  We were not entirely sure if 3Teeth had organised support, they had, a London Duo called Creepiing who have an incredibly low online presence.

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Live : Batushka + Schammasch + Trepaneringsritualen @ Rebellion, Manchester on January 13th

I don't know anything about Death or Black Metal and I have never pretended to. The heaviest gig I have attended might possibly be Opeth, on their "Ghost of Perdition" UK tour, 10 years ago. But I guess in these kind of pentagram circles, they could be considered pop.

I arrived in good time only to realise that the gig was sold out and the venue packed, we had to queue for a good 15 minutes. I had no idea who the opening acts were and neither did the staff, or maybe didn't dare to spell or pronounce their names.

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