30. Footprints In The Custard

Footprints In The Custard ©Thunderbolt Photography.jpg

One of my top picks for Bloodstock has to be Manchester party/comedy metal band Footprints in the Custard. For fans of bands such as Psychostick and Lawn Mower Deth, the 5 piece are renown for their epic silliness and catchy songs (and questionable costumes from time to time...). Footprints in the Custard are no strangers to Bloodstock, having played the festival before, they have become firm favourites of the Bloodstock attendees over the years.

Amongst a vast line up of the super serious, having a band that has song titles such as ‘Willies are for weeing’, ‘Close enough to clunge’ and ‘Swallow (or its going in your eye)’ is massively appealing to me. I personally am all about the fun side of the festival and ‘F in the C are the perfect way to kick off things for me. Assuming I'm not wrecked and asleep by then (lightweight. Can't help it)

Playing on Thursday night. Find me there with all the glowsticks.

By Sarah Cummings