27. Death Angel

Death Angel.jpg

In preparation for writing this, I put “Frolic Through The Park” on my Spotify and at once I was reminded what a forward thinking album it is. At the time (1988), I was transfixed by it as it moved thrash forward in leaps and bounds. There was funk (‘Bored’), massive self referential anthems (‘Devil’s Metal) and Hardcore (‘Open Up’). There just seemed to be so much more in this record than everything else that was going under the banner of thrash.

31 years later, it still sounds amazing and to be honest Death Angel have never bettered it. They have released six albums since they reconvened in 2001 and whilst they are all perfectly serviceable (this year's “Humanacide” is not bad at all), they do not hold a candle to their masterpiece. Come early afternoon Friday i will be at Bloodstock main stage baying for tracks such as ‘Confused’ and ‘Shores Of Sin’ , come to see if I get my wish.

By Stewart Lucas