22. Shvpes


Today’s pick goes to SHVPES, a band we (by we, I mean “I") have absolutely raved about many times over.

I was delighted when they were announced for Bloodstock’s Sophie stage on the Saturday of the festival, as SHVPES have delivered one of my favourite gig surprises ever when I saw them completely upstage both acts that followed them at a show last year.

Renown for their infusion of melodic hardcore meets hip hop with some electro/wubby bits here and there, SHVPES are probably not going to be everyone's taste, but for those who crave a little bit of something different they are most certainly worth a watch. Fresh from a run of dates across America and Europe, if you're looking for a bit of bounce in your Saturday, SHVPES will most certainly deliver that for you.

By Sarah Cummings