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20. At The Gates, The Dogtooth Stage on Friday

It is frankly impossible for me to write objectively about At The Gates, so I am not going to try. They are my Iron Maiden, my Metallica, My Slipknot in that they have shaped everything I love and cherish about this musical genre. 1995's “Slaughter of the Soul” is perfect in every single facet. It is direct, venomous and drips with righteous anger. It is also a masterclass in extreme songwriting as every track is defined, melodic and devoid of any padding.

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29. Alien Weaponry, Main Stage on Saturday 11.00 am

Alien Weaponry are our next must see recommendation for Download. They may be insanely young but they are probably the hottest band you will find on site. And Christ they are young! If you are harassed by some teen to buy them a pint as their ID has been rejected, its probably a member of Alien Weaponry. But God, is there a buzz about them?

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30. Carcass, The Dogtooth stage on Sunday

OK! Here it goes: well you will have had to be living under a rock not to know that today marks 30 days to Download 2019. We, at ROCKFLESH towers are excited as it is our annual pilgrimage to the Holy land of Donington Park to sample the best in Metal, Rock, Punk and wrestling (to be honest we will probably leave the wrestling to others.

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