11. Slayer, Zippo Encore Stage on Sunday, 20:45 - 22:15

Slayer are Metal and Metal is Slayer but pretty soon their furiosity and brutality will become but folk law, the stuff of legends as within months (not years, months!) they will lay down their instruments and cease to be. So this is last chance, city folks, the final ever UK show. Roll that around in your minds, one solitary finite opportunity to see the juggernaut that is Slayer on our shores.

For those of us who have loved Slayer for years, if not decades, this is it, the one final opportunity to throw ourselves into the pit as the cinematic incendiary power of “Angel of Death” opening riff rips the flesh of our bones. For the uninitiated, this is even more important, this is it the last helicopter out of Saigon, your last chance to witness live, the band that have become the true living personification of the term Heavy Metal. It is fitting that it is Donington's hallowed ground where they make their last stand. It is my hope that they close every other stage and cease all other activity for the duration of their set so that every single person on site can witness the final coming of probably one of the most important, if not the most important band to operate under our banner. Miss this and your grand-kids will want to know why!

By Stewart Lucas