03. Lovebites, The Dogtooth Stage on Saturday, 14:40 - 15:05

I love my Metal pretentious, I love it complex and I love it challenging. However there are times, you just want total sugar overload, to wallow in commercial pleasures that are smothered in melody. Lovebites are a saccharine bomb of sing along lyrics, catchy hooks and memorable tunes. Their sound is big, bold and accessible. Each and every track welcomes you in with choruses that you could land a plane on. Nothing that they have produced is particularly new or revolutionary but does that matter when it is done so well. What Lovebites are is fun, arm in the air ocean of ‘whoahs’ fun. They have an infectious energy and passion that just grabs you by the lapels and instructs you to sing along. They are clearly having the time of their lives and therefore all you can do is smile and join in. So for probably the most fun you will have with your clothes on all weekend go see Lovebites.

By Stewart Lucas