25. Kvelertak, Zippo Encore Stage on Friday, 14:50 - 15:25

What's that I hear? You want good time Rock n’ Roll boogie refined through a filter of vintage Norwegian Black Metal? Well you are in luck my friend as I give you Kvelertak, the most fun you will ever have whilst a Norwegian screams at you in, well, Norwegian. This is Black n' Roll folks, Black Metal's sleazy little brother who can't be arsed with any of this Satan bothering nonsense and instead wants to get drunk, chat up girls and, most importantly, dance. And you will dance as Kvelertak are infectious, they might be heavy as hell but those riffs have so much groove to them that you can not help shaking that moneymaker. So Friday, it's a date then? Zippo stage, down the front and we will dance like 30,000 are watching!

By Stewart Lucas