30. Carcass, The Dogtooth stage on Saturday, 19:40 - 20:25

OK! Here it goes: well you will have had to be living under a rock not to know that today marks 30 days to Download 2019. We, at ROCKFLESH towers are excited as it is our annual pilgrimage to the Holy land of Donington Park to sample the best in Metal, Rock, Punk and wrestling (to be honest we will probably leave the wrestling to others. Anyhow between now and the big day, we will be bringing you, day by day, our thirty bands to see and we can't start anywhere else than the favorite band of our resident Death Metal fanatic, the local lads Carcass. Now you will have heard of them but you will be unaware that every band you love have been influenced by them. They are the Metal Velvet Underground as Metal's entire landscape was transformed by the genius that is 1993's “Heartwork”. Every band who combined harsh vocals with melodic guitars got their ideas here. So cancel any other plans you may have for Saturday night and go seem them on the Dogtooth stage.

By Stewart Lucas