20. At The Gates, The Dogtooth Stage on Friday, 22:10 - 22:50

It is frankly impossible for me to write objectively about At The Gates, so I am not going to try. They are my Iron Maiden, my Metallica, My Slipknot in that they have shaped everything I love and cherish about this musical genre. 1995's “Slaughter of the Soul” is perfect in every single facet. It is direct, venomous and drips with righteous anger. It is also a masterclass in extreme songwriting as every track is defined, melodic and devoid of any padding. However, At The Gates in 2019 are not a nostalgia act trading on past glories. Instead they have grown old disgracefully by continuing to release face meltingly brutal records in the shame of 2014's “At War with Reality” and last year's excellent “To Drink From the Night Itself”. They haven't mellowed or felt the need to temper their approach. This is still unashamedly Death Metal, beautiful in its power and passion. There have been no compromises or concessions in their career, their headline status (be it the fourth stage) has been earned by hard work and dedication. So please join us, Friday night to celebrate one of the finest bands our world has ever produced.

By Stewart Lucas