23. Anthrax, Zippo Encore Stage on Sunday, 17:35 - 18:25

I don't even need to be writing this as if you are at Download and not contemplating going to see Anthrax then you shouldn't be at Download. This is Anthrax, one of Metal greatest survival stories, a band that frankly shouldn't still be here making excellent albums but they are. Whilst Metallica reaped the riches and Slayer become the ever burning centre of the Metal universe, Anthrax took the bumpy track of questionable albums, line up changes and a name that became toxic in the early noughties. However not only is the influence they had on Metal underplayed but they viewed as a nostalgia act when they are actually in the form of their lives. So get down the front and scream along as this is a living legend that still matters!

By Stewart Lucas