27. Amon Amarth, Main Stage on Sunday, 15:50 - 16:40

Last time Amon Amarth played Download, they were magnificent and stole the whole weekend from under iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Rammstein collective noises. They wandered on to the Main Stage at midday to a crowd suffering from hypothermia and trench foot and gave us a headline show. With fire, props and epic tales of daring vikings, it was enough to make us forget that every piece of clothing we had were soaked, it was still raining (it had never stopped) and we still had Shinedown to stand through before we were allowed to go home and start enjoying the Valhalla out of ourselves. 

This year we hope that the sun gods will look favourably on their well earned fourth from top slot on the Main Stage as there is just one thing better than big melodic crushing Viking anthems in the wet and that's big melodic crushing Viking anthems in the dry!

By Stewart Lucas