Live Review : 3TEETH + CREEPIING @ Rebellion, Manchester on May 11th 2018.

In a complete Juxtaposition to the previous evenings night of mellow blues, Rebellion in Manchester was serving metal on an industrial scale. The tight, noisy little venue is situated on a corner in the upmarket area that is Deansgate.  Nestled among trendy restaurants and wine bars, this is wonderfully grungy bar.  I like to think it reminds the normal that we are still here, angry, disturbed and wild. So it was great disappointment that the event kicked off behind schedule meaning we had to queue, outside, in the rain.  Thankfully before the rust set in on the less than industrious queue we where ushered inside.  A small dimly lit venue, I was immediately home.  I don’t like seated venues for music.  It steals the vigour and energy from a crowd.  Makes meek the heckler.  So tonight, was after two or three seated affairs, refreshing.  We were not entirely sure if 3Teeth had organised support, they had, a London Duo called Creepiing who have an incredibly low online presence.

The duo almost creep on stage, the crowd barely notices save for few who cheer half-heartedly.  Industrial metal is a much misunderstood genre of an already saturated area.  It’s deceptively attractive, with its pronounced rhythms and on the beat guitars.  It tends towards heavy sampling and padded, swelled sound effects.  This often means the song can get lost.  It’s a theatrical and artistic endeavour that  delivers a larger message than simply the song.  Creepiing bash out Predator, the sound is immense, the drums pound hard against your chest, the sample rings around the room “ No conscience, No empathy a super predator”.   The Guitarist, name unknown, picks up a Jagstang (I think).  The sound is as large as the wall in the North.  He wields like Tobe Hooper’s finest creation and, the unmasked, unfettered sound blows through the room, too much, I can’t make out the vocals.  I don’t care though, the crowd are picking up the energy, more people have arrived.  A vibe is picking up in the club, it’s a solid community, people know each other.  I’m watching and can see friends, lovers, enemies and acquaintances.  You don’t get this at bigger venues, the cost and the seats steal live music away from the young metal heads.  By the time Creepiing have started the ripping guitar of 'Fire Skies' there is a large crowd, the bar is full, Johann is edging back to the front, there is a danger he will lose his spot for 3Teeth. Creepiing are an energetic two piece with some great songs and ideas, with strains of The Mars Volta in the guitar, some more obvious influences from the industrial metal scene this small but aggressive band could benefit from a better live sound live and a more accessible  online presence they could very easily garner a larger following.  Check out “Make America Hate again” on the bands Youtube channel

There is a gap, that becomes a crevice between the bands.  Anticipation leads to drinking which leads to almost forgetting why I am here. Alexis Mincolla, singer, moustachioed frontman and all around entertainer walks into the centre of the crowd.  No one notices, then a giggle of young girls edge closer.  He strides to the stage just in time to miss them.  The crowd cheers.    A voice sings out, hymnal, behind a sinister hiss, then the pounding begins.

A punishing, relentless stamp of “Divine Weapon” sets the tone for the whole night.  The crowd starts to lean forwards in time like static zombies, then the guitar slams in and that deep choreographed mosh sweeps across the room. I can’t shake the cultish vibe, it’s trance like, Alexis Mincolla conducts the band and the audience, his broken piercing vocal hisses out clear and dangerous. Imagine watching Rammstein not in a arena but a small crowded room, the theatre and the vein popping almost epileptic beat.  I can hear the banshee guitar and am drawn, like the eyes of a vampire, lusting after a primeval rage.  I can see at the front a small mosh pit has formed, a slow purposeful pit, it’s exaggerated nods, a gospel according to Metal.   3Teeth’s songs revolve around a living dystopia that is America, they scream parables of hypocrisy and injustice.  This is as proper a medium for anger and disillusion as possible, the initial and most obvious anger, the loudness of the ungagged, the imagery of our governments failures and its clandestine activity are themes that run through this genre.  Trumps America is breathing new life into Rock and Metal In a way they should fear. 

3Teeth have dynamism, this isn’t as relentless as anticipated, periods of quiet allow the crowd to steady and brace, catch a breath for the next onslaught.  They bring their own backlighting, this creates chilling silhouettes against the blood red spotlights.  Johann isn’t amused by the red lights and the constant smoke.  It’s not conducive to good photography but he’s persistent.  The crowd are split between moshers and hypnotic dancers, transfixed by the two hours of blood pumping beats.  3Teeth are embarking on a fairly large tour of Europe, they have a number of highly stylised videos and live presence that is one of the best Rockflesh has seen for a while.   They encore one song, the crowd are sweaty, thirsty for more.  They get it, they need it.  A woman at the front caresses herself as she watches the band, she is early thirties, next to her is kid maybe less than twenty, furiously moshing.  This was 3Teeth, industrial, industrious and inclusive.  They play Nottingham Rock City tonight for 3GBP, this is a ridiculous price for all this energy, if you live there and are reading this go!

Words by Paul Flett
Photography by Johann Wierzbicki