81. Wolfheart – “Constellation of the Black Light”

Wolfheart – Constellation of the Black Light.jpg

Finland's Wolfheart remind me of the bird in Dante's inferno that spends a millennia tapping away at the mountain but never gets anywhere but also never gives in. For ten years, Wolfheart have paraded their Viking obsessed melodic Death Metal over four albums and probably haven't progressed further than they were at the start of their career. What they do ain't bad and “Constellation of the Black” earns a place here on the fact I actually wanted to go back and listen to it again. But the fact is Amon Amarth do exactly the same thing a lot better and with a lot more success and if Wolfheart insist in continuing to sing about Viking rituals and lost warriors they will sadly continue to remain in their shadow.


2018 100-91Stewart Lucas