82. Burning Witches – “Hexenhammer”


Our second album on the list entitled “Hexenhammer”. Well you wouldn't get that in the NME end of year, I can tell you! This“Hexenhammer” is by Swiss traditional metal band Burning Witches. And the first thing that annoys me is that all publicity on them (both official and fan fuelled) focuses on the fact they are an all-female (or even worse 'all-girl' band). As if we would describe Judas Priest as all male band. It just still gets my goat that women make up 51% of the population but if one deems to join a band or god forbid make up all the members of a band then that is the only think we can talk about. So I’m going to ignore Burning Witches gender and tell you that this is an affectionate rehash of everything that makes heavy metal so much fun. It may contain new songs but as they feel so warm and familiar in their construct “Hexenhammer” actually ends up coming across as a greatest hits album. So there may be little or no originality here but what is there is passion and enthusiasm, and that in itself makes for an enjoyable listen.

2018 100-91Stewart Lucas